01 Mar

Making Your Own Luck

Keith Lakatosh, President, 248-854-8446

What does it mean to be lucky?  Is it some cosmic anomaly that seems constantly out of reach?  Well sometimes maybe, but more often than not, luck is something that is planned for and acted upon.  It was the famous Roman philosopher Seneca that said “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” I like this quote because it makes luck something I can have influence over.  Now I’m not talking about luck in the form of beating some statistical improbability, like winning the lottery.  I’m referring to luck when it comes to the everyday things we do in life.

In order to have true influence over your “luck,” you have to be prepared.  I want to talk about some ways that the Jaycees can help you prepare for the opportunities that produce “good luck” in your life.

For many people, the mere thought of speaking in front of a group of people is one of the most intimidating things they would ever have to do.  I know a number of people that in a casual setting have very little trouble conversing, but when placed in front of a group of people they become nervous piles of goo.  The Jaycees offer and encourage members to attack this insecurity head on.  We provide opportunities to speak up during General Membership Meetings (GMMs) and the Jaycees offer quarterly speak up competitions at our state assemblies.  These skills are important, because no matter what your profession, chances are there will be opportunities for you to present an idea to an important audience, whether it is a perspective client or the leadership in your organization.  The Jaycees prepare you in a safe and constructive setting to increase the chances to capitalize on those opportunities.

The Jaycees are committed to leadership development.  In order to know what that means we need to define what the characteristics of future leaders are.  For most fortune 500 companies, the model leader is one who is a self-starter and a strong motivator, essentially an entrepreneur for his or her organization.  Why is this relevant?  The Jaycees provide chances for members to organize a variety of events.  They range in size and scope and involve several levels of coordination.  However, the most common thread for all our projects is that they require self discipline and effective planning.  Now, I will not guarantee that all projects will go off without a hitch, or without a wide range of curve balls, but wouldn’t you rather learn how to deal with those unexpected problems in the Jaycees than on the job?  I like to think the Jaycees teaches its members how to be good planners and entrepreneurs through encouraging them to run projects and learn the project life cycle.

I would love to share with you how the Jaycees have enhanced my life, both professionally and personally.  However, that is self serving and unique to my own needs and experiences.  I would instead ask you to look internally and examine what your goals are and how the Jaycees may be able to prepare you to achieve those goals.  While we are a service organization and strive to make our community a better place to live, our main mission in the organization is to develop future leaders.  I wish you the very best and hope your future opportunities bring you the best of luck!

01 Mar

Rock Band Hero – Training

Jocelyn Moellering, Individual Development VP, 248-383-5623

SATURDAY, MARCH 13, 2010 @ 6:00 PM

Come learn how to rock like a true hero at the Rock Band Hero Training at the Moellerings’ on Saturday, March 13. Learn tips and tricks for success on guitar, vocals, and drums, even if you’ve never played before. Experienced players can also learn more advanced techniques for playing on harder levels and getting the highest scores. We’ll keep track of your scores on each instrument to show your improvement over the course of the evening. One of your hosts, Jocelyn, has won several Guitar Hero competitions. Hope you can join in the fun! We’ll have pizza and pop (please bring about $5 to contribute) and feel free to BYOB.


01 Mar

March GMM Collection – Book Drive

Kaitlin Schaefer, Community Director, 973-960-9009

March is National Reading Month!  Do you have any books in good condition just sitting around your home looking for a new home?  Did you buy a guilty pleasure romance book to read but never got to it?  How about all those books you bought for your English 101 course at school that were never even opened?  Please bring any good-condition books you have to the March GMM for our monthly collection drive.  The books will be donated to an organization accepting book donations.  If you have any questions please email Kaitlin Schaefer at kschaefer@rochesterareajaycees.org.  Also, if you know of any schools or community organizations that may be willing to receive our book donation, please let Kaitlin know.

01 Mar

Mini Fast, Mini Furious

Lindsey Lee, Membership VP, 586-202-5000

FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2010 @ 6:30 PM

The Roads are bad, it’s cold outside and cabin fever is kicking in. Are you longing for warmer weather and the open road!?! Are you feeling the need for speed and the wind in your hair!?! Then come join the Rochester Area Jaycees at Race Rochester on March 19 as we race for the Mini Fast & Mini Furious title.

We can’t change the weather, but we can turn up the heat on Race Rochester’s 8-turn indoor go-kart track, located on Tienken Rd just east of Rochester Rd. The cost is $15 for a 10-minute race, in heats of up to 7 drivers (double-seaters available for families). Start your engines at 6:30 pm and put the pedal to the metal for some fast fun. Food and drinks are allowed (no alcoholic beverages) for some tailgating good times as we cheer drivers to the checkered flag. Bring your family, bring your driving glasses, and bring it on!

For more information check out Race Rochester on the web at www.racerochester.com or call Chairperson Lindsey Lee at 586-202-5000.


01 Mar

Congrats Jason!

Keith Lakatosh, President, 248-854-8446

I would like to give a special shout-out to our 2009 President Jason Matz for the recognition he received on behalf of the Rochester Area Jaycees for their accomplishments last year.  Jason received the very special honor of receiving a Presidential Medallion, one of only 50 given out during the year by the Michigan Jaycees President.  He was also identified as one of the top 20 Presidents of the Michigan Jaycees.  Come to the General Membership Meeting to see the many awards and accomplishments we received at the year-end convention February 20th.

01 Mar

Senior Easter Baskets

Michael Webber, Community Director, 248-375-0858


The goal of our annual Senior Easter Baskets project is to bring a little joy straight to the doorsteps of home-bound seniors in our area. On Good Friday (April 2), we will fan out across the city and deliver bags full of food, candy, and household items to recipients of the Older Persons Center Meals on Wheels program. All members are invited to contribute to this rewarding project by participating in the assembly or delivery of the bags. Assembly will take place on Tuesday, March 30, at 6:30 pm at the Rochester Hills City Hall on Avon Road. The bags will be available for drivers to pick up at the assembly event or through delivery to you prior to Friday, April 2.  Call Michael Webber, Senior Easter Basket chairperson, for further details at 248-375-0858.


01 Mar

General Membership Meeting (GMM)

THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 2010 @ 7:30 PM

The second Thursday of every month, we have a GMM to go over upcoming projects. This month, we will be collecting gently-used books for our monthly community donation. Our meetings are held at the Rochester Community House which is located at 816 Ludlow in downtown Rochester. Ludlow runs north off University Drive (Walton Blvd), approximately one half mile east of Livernois (or one half mile west of Main Street/Rochester Rd). We encourage you to come early and mingle before the meeting.


01 Mar

Model Legislature


Every March, the Rochester Area Jaycees travel to Lansing to participate in the Michigan Jaycees Model Legislature project. In this project, we conduct a legislative session in the House Chamber of the Michigan State Capital. This year, the event is scheduled for Saturday, March 20th.

We will spend the day at the Capital learning about the legislative process through debate on actual bills currently before the legislature. You will have the opportunity to sit in the representatives’ chairs and elect your own party leaders. You’ll learn and practice parliamentary procedure and caucus as a party just like your elected officials.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to visit the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives. The Jaycees are one of only a few organizations permitted to conduct a mock legislature on the actual premises of the state capital. Be sure to invite your friends and family to join you in taking advantage of the exclusive privilege to experience the process that creates the laws that govern us every day. Space is limited, so sign up early.

Contact project chair Dan Hauser for further details, to sign up, and to make carpooling arrangements at irelandirishdan@yahoo.com or 586-703-4881.

01 Mar

Stop the Madness – March Social

Lindsey Lee, Membership VP, 586-202-5000

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24, 2010 @ 6:45 pm


Going crazy with the games? Whether it be the team, the rival, the refs, or the significant other, take a time-out with the Rochester Area Jaycees on March 24 at 6:45 pm, as they break away from the typical tailgating cuisine. Makimoto Sushi Bar & Asian Kitchen was voted Best Sushi in 2009 by the Oakland Press and is located on University Dr. just East of I-75.


01 Mar

Board Meeting


The Monday before the second Thursday of the month (the GMM), the board meets to go over the business of running the chapter and projects. This meeting will be held at Dan & Jocelyn Moellering’s home at 788 Francis St. in Rochester Hills at 7:00 pm. All members are welcome to attend to discuss any project that is planned or that they would like to have added to our existing programs!